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Seize the Market Upswing: Prep Your Home for Success

Seize the Market Upswing: Prep Your Home for Success

By Scott Gaertner, Associate Broker

As the temperatures outside take a dip, is your heart warming up to the idea of a new home? You’re in good company. With the holiday cheer and the Super Selling Season just around the corner, following the Super Bowl, many are considering their next big move. After a sluggish 2023 in real estate sales, the upcoming year looks promising, fueled by easing inflation and dropping interest rates.

If you’re mulling over listing your home soon, here’s a little advice to help you prep your space to attract the best offers. Let’s dive into some practical tips to make your home the star of the real estate show!

1. Let the Light Shine Through
First things first, consider removing your sunscreens. Sure, they’re great for blocking out the scorching summer sun, but in these cooler months, they dim the natural light your home could bask in. Remember, in real estate, brightness is key. A well-lit home feels inviting and spacious. Brighter is bigger, and bigger is better! So, pack those screens away neatly in the garage, letting potential buyers see them as a bonus feature.

2. Window Wonders
Speaking of light, let’s talk windows. Imagine a buyer walking through your home, drawn to the windows to admire the view. Spotless windows signal attention to detail and care for the property. It’s about creating a clean, welcoming space that allows buyers to envision themselves in your home. This signals to prospective buyers that you maintain your home.

3. Repair What’s Rarely Noticed
While on the topic of windows, don’t overlook the need for minor repairs. Foggy panes or cracked glass can be a turn-off for buyers, and they will show up in an inspection. Address these issues beforehand to avoid giving the impression that your home requires extensive maintenance. Again, send the right signals to the buyers. (We have an approved vendors list if you need help. Rest assured, our referrals are unbiased, as we don’t receive any fees from these recommendations.)

4. First Impressions Count
Your front door is where the journey begins for potential buyers. A smooth key turn, a clean door, and even a fresh welcome mat can set the tone for the entire viewing experience. (People rarely use their front door and don’t realize how hard this can be on a buyer’s agent with a client standing behind them!) Consider adding a pot of fresh flowers for a welcoming touch.

5. A Clean Slate
Cleanliness is paramount. From shower floors to baseboards, every nook and cranny matters. A spotless home not only looks appealing but also feels inviting. When a home is immaculate, the buyer perceives it to be immaculately maintained. Plus, it’s an opportunity to declutter and unearth items you can donate or discard.

6. Light It Right
Ever replaced a bulb and noticed it doesn’t match the others? While it might seem trivial, inconsistent lighting can impact the overall feel of your home, especially in photographs. Matching bulbs in each fixture can make a subtle but significant difference. And get rid of those CFL bulbs, as they look awful. In most cases, I recommend, Warm White (2700K – 3000K): This color temperature closely resembles the glow of incandescent bulbs and is generally perceived as welcoming and comforting.
7. Avoid the ‘Double Dip’
Lastly, tackle obvious repairs. Often, buyers will factor repair costs into their offer, and then renegotiate after a home inspection. By addressing these issues upfront, you can avoid the hassle of renegotiating and potentially incurring double costs. We have a number of items that will easily double your money back if you do them prior to selling.

So, there you have it. A bit of effort now can greatly enhance the appeal of your home, both in photographs and in person. While these tips offer a solid foundation, securing the best price with minimal fuss demands the skill of a local expert. Remember, this year we averaged $57 per square foot more on our listings than our closest competitor. On even a 2,000-square-foot home, you can unlock $114,000 more in your pocket! Don’t wait – give us a call today and let’s turn your selling experience into a success story! To see more of our success stories, we have two Google business pages that each have many hundreds of five-star reviews.

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