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    Pickleball and Dog park coming to Scottsdale North?

    By Scott Gaertner | September 30, 2018

    The Forgotten Scottsdale North Park   Did you know that there has been a park planned right in the here in the heart of Scottsdale North for more than 20 years? It is called Sevano Park, and it is located right behind the Summit Shopping center. There has even been a large sign sitting at... Read More

    Are Lending Standards Propping Up Home Prices?

    By Scott Gaertner | August 30, 2018

    Are Lending Standards Propping Up Home Prices? Back in 2005, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan described the dramatic increases in residential real estate values as a “froth in housing markets.” Greenspan went on to say: “The increase in the prevalence of interest-only loans and the introduction of more-exotic forms of adjustable-rate mortgages are developments of particular concern…some households may... Read More