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Keep Local Dollars Local

1. Big Thing – 🔦Keep Local Dollars Local

Welcome to the Connecting Scottsdale North Buy Local Gift Card. A community eGift Card program that allows one gift card to work at all participating businesses in Scottsdale North. We know small businesses are at the heart of this great community, and this gift card program is the best way to connect you to your Local Businesses. They’d be a great gift for birthdays, teacher appreciation, fundraisers, and more. It’s easy to use digitally or from your wallet.

Why it matters: Connecting with and supporting your community. The pandemic hit small firms, which generally have a smaller financial cushion, harder—especially those in service sectors impacted by social distancing policies and other measures aimed at curtailing the virus’s spread. They need our help.

Impact on economy- Helps the local economy by Keeping the money local. Studies show that over 70% of that money stays local while national only about 40 stays local. The money we spend locally will generate three and a half times more wealth for the local economy compared to chain-owned businesses.

  • They support community groups 250% more than non-local
  • Better service
  • Better selection for you
  • Keeps the community unique
  • Locals are generally more fun. Chain stores are formulaic, transactional, impersonal and boring. 

The pandemic was hell on small businesses. The lockdowns exponentially benefited the large national companies. 
If you get nothing else out of this, get that it is more fun doing business with someone you know, and this is the way to get to your community better. 
It’s much nicer doing business with a neighbor or a friend. And Let’s Keep Local Dollars Local !!!!

If you have a local business to suggest, or want to know more, click the link: Keep Local Dollars Local

To purchase a Connecting Scottsdale North Gift Card, visit and click on “Buy a Gift Card.”

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