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    Housing Market Rebounds

    By Scott Gaertner | April 4, 2023

    April 2023 Housing Market Rebounds: Time to Make a Move? With home prices on the rise and supply dwindling, buyers and sellers must adapt their strategies to seize opportunities in the recovering market. The housing market is ever-changing, and one of the key factors people are considering is home prices. Although they have come down... Read More

    AI Take on Real Estate

    By Scott Gaertner | March 3, 2023

    March 2023 Blog AI Takes on Real Estate: How a Computer Understands Scottsdale North Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a popular subject that many people are talking about. It’s a way for computers to do things that usually need human brains, like solving problems, learning, and understanding how people talk. We are always searching for... Read More

    Shop Small While You Are Here!

    By Scott Gaertner | February 3, 2023

    February 2023 Shop Small While You Are Here! The Saturday after Thanksgiving is National Small Business Saturday because that is the heart of one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. The purpose of this annual occasion is to raise awareness and encourage everyone to shop small and patronize businesses that are locally owned.... Read More

    The Market Cycle

    By Scott Gaertner | January 3, 2023

    January 2023 Market Update The Market Cycle graphic above illustrates where I think we are in the Scottsdale North Real Estate Market. If I’m right, you’ll probably look at this article with skepticism at first, but you’ll soon start to have hope. To illustrate why: On the graphic, November and December represent despair. The Cromford... Read More

    Scottsdale North to Have its First Park

    By Scott Gaertner | December 3, 2022

    People often say that some of the best things about Scottsdale North are the lush cactus, trees, and greenery, the views of the mountains, and the starry night skies. Over half of the park’s land will be left alone to preserve its natural beauty, and the plants will be taken care of in the parts that will be changed. Important plants will be carefully moved to a place where there is less plant life. The views of the boulder-strewn mountains won’t be blocked by tall structures. Read More

    Keep Local Dollars Local

    By Scott Gaertner | November 10, 2022

    1. Big Thing – 🔦Keep Local Dollars Local Welcome to the Connecting Scottsdale North Buy Local Gift Card. A community eGift Card program that allows one gift card to work at all participating businesses in Scottsdale North. We know small businesses are at the heart of this great community, and this gift card program is... Read More

    Scottsdale North Property Taxes Dropped

    By Scott Gaertner | November 3, 2022

    hardest hit in the country. And they aren’t just robbing Peter to pay Paul in this case. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the federal government gave $435 million to the state to help pay for it. Read More

    Homeowners Keep Getting Unsolicited Offers on Their Homes

    By Scott Gaertner | September 2, 2022

    Targeted: Why Homeowners Keep Getting Unsolicited Offers on Their Homes By Scott Gaertner, Associate Broker Why homeowners keep receiving offers on their houses while they aren’t even on the market is one of the most frequent questions I get. When someone asks, they’re usually pretty upset. This is especially irksome when the offers are persistent... Read More

    A Return to Balance: Market Uncertainty is

    By Scott Gaertner | August 8, 2022

    A Return to Balance: Market Uncertainty is Temporary By Scott Gaertner, Associate Broker My June article described how the Scottsdale North real estate market was changing. I wrote that piece on May 15, so that it could be in newsstands and your mailbox by June 1. While I sensed that the changes were going to... Read More

    The Real Estate Market Is Changing

    By Scott Gaertner | June 2, 2022

    The Real Estate Market Is Changing By Scott Gaertner, Associate Broker Many of you have asked me to let you know when we see a change in the market. Please allow this article to serve as your official notice: THE MARKET IS CHANGING. And the shift is happening quickly. From last October until this March,... Read More